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Dry Powder

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Specialising in solid oral dosage forms in the non-beta lactam category, Archimedis offers three types of products:

tablets, capsules, dry powder



Catering to the specific needs of the patients, we have also been building capability in newer dimensions. Exclusively, we deliver variants like:

Bi-layered Tablets,

Tablets in Capsules,

Chewables, Dispersible Tablets,

Prolonged Release Tablets



Stringent checks in the manufacturing process and a comprehensive packaging facility ensure highest quality of the product. The diverse packaging types we provide are:


Our Clients

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Our Formulation Development department possesses extensive expertise and capability to formulate diverse compositions as per the client requirement.


Launch Scale service displays our ability to attain consistent quality in formulation. We help clients in testing the market with small batches that are as superlative in quality as the commercial batch.


Archimedis has built extensive capacity to manufacture commercial scale batches of any volume. We are backed by a robust mechanism that maintains the accuracy of formulation, while ensuring a swift pace of manufacturing.

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Our Commitment to Quality is a Defined,
Detailed & Delivered Promise.

We keep it for Every Tablet, Capsule & Sachet
of Every Batch.


The facilities at Archimedis are built with resourceful systems and backed by fool-proof processes. Singularly and in totality, they maintain the product quality throughout the process and contribute towards maximising the output.

  • Warehouse
  • Air Handling Units
  • Water Purification
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Machinery