Our pharma products for preventive wellness, treatment of diseases and protection of health.

Therapeutic Areas

Owing to significant expertise backed by years of experience, our pharma products cover a wide spectrum of therapeutic areas serving numerous patients worldwide. Covering the fields of cardiovascular, anti-analgesics, gynaecology,nutraceuticals to quote a few.

Pharma Therapic Products

Prescription Drugs

Prescription drugs are pharmaceutical drugs which legally require a medical prescription from a doctor before consumption. We house many variants with presence in fields of anti-diabetics, anti-hypertensives, anti-anginals and many more.

Prescription drugs manufacturer


OTC stands for over-the-counter drugs. These are non-prescription medicines that are medicines that you can buy without any prescription. These are safe and effective when directions on the label are followed. We house many quality produced OTC products which you can rely on.

OTC Manufacturer